Strawberry fields forever- Best places to make memories with your kids in and around Liverpool

July 07, 2019

Strawberry fields forever- Best places to make memories with your kids in and around Liverpool

I am definitely not a creature of habit. 

Some things in our day-to-day routine might be the same, like showering and losing shoes, but when it comes to weekends with the kids, I like to scour the internet for fun, quirky and very different things to do each week, in and around Liverpool.

Of course one of the reasons I do this, are so my children are stimulated and get to do and learn new things, but it's mostly so I don't get bored to death with the same soft play, week in, week out, or have to tell them that the swings 'aren't open today' to avoid having to stand for an hour in the same spot pushing them on the same bloody swings - It might sound cruel. It probably is. But I need to keep my sanity somehow, and this is just one of my many sneaky methods of doing so. Who's with me?

In the months of June and July, Claremount Farm (which is located near Clatterbridge, on the Wirral) open their fields to the public for some PYO strawberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants.

It was an absolute hit with the kids. The first hit being the free tractor ride to the juicy end of the field, with the abundance of plump strawberries, ripe and ready to be devoured by Seren, who quite clearly didn't understand the concept of 'Pay before you eat'- Here's a tip for free. Don't dress your children in their best white top when planning a fruit picking trip. Your stain removing skills will be put to the test, and you will fail.

Anyway, not only was it a fun and memorable day out, but It's a great place to take photographs of your kids, to add to their scrap book and reminisce over, when you're no longer cool enough for them to hang out with. Seize the day.

Stay tuned for next weeks places to visit, with your kids in around Liverpool, and if you know of any (with the absence of swings) share the love in the comments below.

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Yeh! It's week 9 of the #Theeverydaystorytellers

We are #theeverydaystorytellers - mothers who span across four different countries and have 22 children between us. We are all passionate, hard-working women with one common goal in mind. To document childhood.

Have a gander at the wonderful artists images below. I love seeing what they've been getting up to with their own kids each week.


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