Week 5- Liverpool Photographer at Calderstones park

June 04, 2019

Week 5- Liverpool Photographer at Calderstones park

He dresses up at every opportunity and tries his luck at putting on every single costume he can when we go to the supermarket, even before I've managed to get to the vegetable aisle.

This was at The Storybarn in Calderstones park, in Liverpool, where I take a many a family portrait.

Storybarn is a barn converted by a non profit organisation to instill a passion for books in young children https://thestorybarn.org.uk/

Every inch of the barn is covered in mystery and magic. There's a hot hair balloon with a real basket plopped in the middle, which the children can clamber into and take off to a far away land.

There's a giant robot, with insulation pipes for arms, cogs for eyes and a large hollow belly to climb through (or sit in the middle of, dressed up as a tiger and look at yourself in a pebble shaped mirror- cue Zac)

A massive chest sits in a corner stuffed with costumes; cows, lions,snakes, princesses and this weeks choice, a tiger.

Books are placed carefully around for the kids to enjoy and everyone gathers around as one of the Storybarn Volunteers gathers tells the chosen story for that week.

If you are Liverpool or Wirral based and you haven't gone you should go! https://thestorybarn.org.uk/

Not only is it 1.5hrs of fun for the kids, it's a pretty stress free environment for us too. 



We are #theeverydaystorytellers—mothers who span across four different countries and have 22 children between us. We are all passionate, hard-working women with one common goal in mind. To document childhood.

This is week 5. Our hope is to grow in our craft, inspire each other and preserve our children’s memories. Our goal is to document with intention, dedicating time each week to create a collection of images that tell the story of our everyday lives. The calm and the chaos. The beauty and the mess. The magic in the everyday details. The perfectly imperfect moments that weave together and make up our lives.


Nikki Geld Photography, Eldersburg, USA


IG@nikkigeldphotographySoul Tree Photography Studio, West Fargo USAwww.soultreephotographystudio.com IG@soultreephotographystudio

Loryn Payne Photography, Chicagoland, USA

http://www.facebook.com/lorynpaynephotography IG @your_story_in_pictures

Sally Rudy Photography, Mount Pleasant, USA 

www.sallyrudyphotography.com IG@sallyrudyphotography

Ashley Littlefield Photography, USA

http://www.facebook.com/ashleylittlefieldphotography IG@ ashleylittlefield

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https://www.jillandrewsphotography.net IG @jill.andrews.photography

Louisa Bedford Photography, Kent, UK

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Marie Fogh Bogh Photography

 Fotografering v/ Marie Fogh Bøgh

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