Why Family Photos are Important

May 09, 2023

Why Family Photos are Important

If you’re reading this, you may be considering having a family photoshoot, and asking yourself the question, “why are family photos important?”. Well, I’m here to break it down on why having family photoshoots are such an important part of life and why you’ll be thankful you did it in years to come! 

Family photoshoots are all about creating and developing those connections with your loved ones, all whilst capturing these moments authentically. 

Without further ado, let’s get into my top reasons why family photos are important! 


Why Family Photos are Important


Why You Need A Family Photoshoot

  • Getting The Family Together
  • Tangible Memories
  • Home Environment
  • Watching Your Family Grow
  • Reminisce 

Why Family Photos are Important

Getting The Family Together

Getting the whole family together in the same place, at the time, can be a real challenge with how busy life can get. But hosting a family photoshoot is a perfect way to encourage everyone to come together!

Having all of your loved ones together in the same place, at the same time, creates such a beautiful environment, and it’s a time to make memories that you’ll all be able to cherish together, through these photos.

With so many people, comical moments are bound to happen that will create stories to tell for years to come, making family photoshoots important for creating fond memories within the family as well as having something physical to bring out of it.


Getting the family together is why Family Photos are Important

Tangible Memories

There are many things you can experience as a family where you’ll create many special memories, but how many of those things result in a physical item you can treasure for years to come?

This is where the importance of family photos lie. When you do a family photoshoot, you come out with physical photos with you can turn into a scrapbook, you can frame, you can turn into gifts, cushions, mugs, magnets and so much more!

Memories and experiences are great, but it’s so important to have those ‘in the flesh’ items too because you’ll never know when you need them.


Tangible memories is why Family Photos are Important

Home Environment

Family photos are important for making the home, a home. They represent love and care.

When you have a family photoshoot, you can create so many perfect photos to frame and put around the house, which really gives a warm, family, and homely touch to your house.

It’s also nice to see your loved ones whenever you are walking around your house, which can give you a proud feeling.

Looking at the psychology behind family photos, there’s a study which I really love. This is from Professor Geoff Beattie who majored in psychological science at the University of Manchester, he stated that “photographs keep us linked to others and gives a sense of belonging. Particularly children, they see a photo of themselves high up on a wall. It’s all part of the socialising process.” 

Beattie carried on talking about how it helps children learn who they are, and how they fit in their families and also shows them that we are proud and want to have their photos displayed for all to see.


Family photos create a home environment and that is why Family Photos are Important

Watching Your Family Grow

Over the years, people change, people come and go, and family photoshoots are important to document this and ensure memories live on for all to see.

When new additions arrive, it’s nice to celebrate them and the growth of your family, and having a family photoshoot with the right photographer can really capture the magic of these life changing events.

If you have children, sometimes you don’t realise how fast they grow and how quick the years fly by, so it’s nice to document how they are at key stages in their lives, as newborns, toddlers, teenagers, and so on. 


Watching your family grow is why Family Photos are Important


In the future, long after you’ve had your family photoshoots, imagine sitting in your home with the one you love most, and getting out the scrapbook to look at old photos. This is when you’ll be so grateful that you realised the importance of family photos!

Seeing the photos from your family photoshoot, you’ll feel all those feelings of joy, love, nostalgia and so much more when looking back. It’ll give you a chance to talk about all the special memories you made, and it’s so nice to be able to have visuals of those times.

If you had younger children at the time of the family photoshoot, you’ll be able to show them what they and the rest of the family used to look like!


Reminisce on family memories is why you should have a Family Photos are Important

Family Photos Are Important!

Hopefully, after all this you’ve been able to understand why family photos are important! It’s all about preserving the present, so you are able to reminisce, and retell stories in the future.

As a photographer, I pride myself in being able to capture magical moments between families knowing that they’ll look back on this photoshoot for the rest of their lives. If you’d like to book in for a photoshoot with me, check out my services here!


Why Family Photos are Important