Photography Course

Photography Course

Having been a mum on maternity leave and understanding the need to want to document those precious early days on more than just my iPhone - in a creative way on my dusty DSLR I finally attempted to navigate my way around my camera, only to be faced with frustration after frustration, when my creative vision wasn’t achieved in auto-mode.

I decided to learn how to take photographs in manual mode and fell in love with photography.

Photography was an outlet for me during maternity leave and gave me some much needed cognitive stimulation, on those difficult days.

I would have loved to have been able to go on a 1:1 workshop, but of course there was nothing out there for mums with babies.

This is why I developed this course. Where mums can come and learn, without being worried about needing to feed or settle their little one.


1:1 Course for Mums

My 1:1 course is for mums on maternity leave or indeed parents who want to document all those early years, the tiny details, the unique expressions and the chaos of parenthood, in a beautifully artistic way.

My course breaks it down into small easy chunks.
I am self taught and I use all the techniques I used when I was learning, to make it as simple as possible.

Technical jargon is kept to a minimum and we focus on what’s important to take a beautiful image.


The beginners workshop Involves:

  • Understanding the exposure triangle and the elements within; Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO and how they impact one another.
  • The key players in your menu settings, what to change and why, how to change them.
  • I talk about different kind of natural light and how to manipulate the light, even in the harshest, most difficult environments.
  • Prime and zoom lenses and what to use for the subject you are photographing.
  • I go over composition and how to think creatively when capturing your children.

My 1:1 session are on weekdays only. The beginner workshop lasts for 2hrs and are $381

online courses $250

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I did a photography workshop with Victoria and it was fab! The work booklet and content was great and really useful to refer back to after the course.
The workshop was pitched absolutely perfectly for a complete beginner and Victoria was so friendly and helpful. I've been using my camera in manual ever since and can see a huge difference in my images already. Thank-you! ~Erica



Do I need a DSLR?

The course covers the keys areas in beginners photography. This will be relevant for mirrorless cameras, bridge cameras and DSLRs.

Do I need to know anything about my camera?

No! That’s what I’m here for. I will help you dive right into manual mode and show you how to change the appropriate settings and find all the shortcuts you need to start taking some gorgeous snaps.

What level is the photography workshop aimed at?

Complete beginners, who have a dusty camera and no clue how to use it out of automatic.

Can I bring my baby?

Absolutely! If you think your baby can settle for short periods, so you are able to focus, bring them along! It great to have a subject to photograph.


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