Capture those tiny details

September 09, 2019

Capture those tiny details


When Zachary, my first baby was born, I didn't know the first thing about how to capture all those precious newborn details with my DSLR.

I saw so many beautiful images of newborn babies and wished I had just one ounce of talent, to be able to produce the same for my son. Something special, that he'd love to look back on as he grew up.

So,.......... I learnt.

I went on photography courses, stayed up late to learn a new skill, practised my new skills on my son, day in, day out, asked for feedback in photography platforms, posted my images on facebook for critique, until one day somebody asked how much I charged to take their own newborn images, and that's how Fern and Star Photography was born.

I have been lucky enough to turn my passion into a profitable business to support my family and I wanted to share some of those skills with you, to encourage you to take beautiful, artistic photographs, of your own newborn.

Tip 1

Change up perspective! Try to think outside the box. Photograph them through the bars of their cot, or from the bottom of your bed with them placed in the middle. Move out of the usual visual field and see if you can create an interesting point of view.

Tip 2

Photograph the details. Get really close and take snaps of their little toes, fingers, ears or nose. They look beautiful in black and white images, framed in clusters on your wall- Your very own unique and personal wall gallery.

Tip 3

Find the natural light.

Babies look beautiful photographed in natural light. Switch the lights off to prevent disrupting the white balance and try and position your baby close to a window. You could even ask dad to hold the baby for a natural father/baby shot

Tip 4

Hire a professional photographer so YOU are in the shots!

The one thing I regret about Zac's newborn days are the lack of images I am in with him. Yes, I have selfies and my husband took lots of snaps of me on his phone, but none of them are frame worthy. I have a wall of beautiful images of Zac and my husband during those early days, but none of me.


I hope some of these tips inspire you to pick up your camera and document these days.

Many more tips to come in my future blog posts.