How smart business collaborations can increase your revenue - Auckland brand photographer

October 03, 2022

How smart business collaborations can increase your revenue - Auckland brand photographer


As business owners, we all know the importance of showing up consistently, being visible and getting in front of the right people; to inevitably sell more and make more money.

There are so many ways to be visible. Utilising around 4 marketing pillars, from the list below, will have a greater impact on your business than just focusing on one.

Marketing pillars are various plaforms you can utilise to get your business out there and seen by more people. The more pillars you harness for your marketing the better your reach.

Some of my favourites are:

-Social media - Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin,

-Networking events- face-to-face and more recently post covid online

-Email marketing


-Charity fundraisers


-Lead magnets

All of these need a blog all on their very own, to go through how to use them effectively, but as the blog heading suggests I am going to delve into business  collaborations and how you can use them strategically to market your business, get in front of the right audience and increase your revenue.

What is a business collaboration?

Business collaboration is the coming together of two or more business that share the same or similar ideal client as you, to create promotions, deals, or competitions of value that will be irresistible to your audience.

Collaborating with another business will mean you are getting in front of their audience and they are getting in front of yours, so you both have greater potential to reach more people.

Collaboration can also be in the form of skill or service exchange.

I have exhanged my photography services on many occasions to help grow my business and made some fabulous connections along the way!

I am currently having  a website refresh in exchange for a half day personal branding photography session.

Tips for collaborating.

-It's important to research the businesses you want to collaborate with before agreeing to something.

-You want them to have the same or similar values as you and to have a 'shop front' aesthetic that can tie in with, or compliment your own brand.

-Think about businesses your client needs to help them grow.

-For me as a personal brand photographer, working with female business owners who need professional imagery to showcase all the aspects of their business I know that they may need a webdesigner, a social media manager, a digital marketing expert, a stylist, a copywriter.

-I build relationships with these businesses, who also align with my brand values and aesthetics and we work together to create great packages of value, that will benefit our ideal client. 

-Think about service swap collaborations. Is there anything your business needs that you may not have the funds for right now? Maybe you can offer them something of value to help elevate their business or help them reach their business goals.

Not only are collaborations financially beneficial, they are great way of building new connections, being more visible and getting new referrals.

I hope you have found this blog useful and you have some inspiration for establishing some of your own collaborations for successful business growth.

My name is Victoria,

I have a Personal Brand Photographer based in Auckland NZ and would love to get to know more about you and your business.

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